Saturday, February 13, 2010

MY National Service

back from ns camp. "Kem Sri Impian''. located at sungai bakap.

back for 5 days only. must reach the camp on 16 mac, before 5pm. if not, "siap kamu"....

SO?? how was the camp??

too much to tell. each day in the camp will have a different story.

but in summary, at least until now, for me, the camp- FUN

and i think that i am so lucky to be selected to participate in this programme. [program latihan khidmat negara]

Daily Routine:

5.30am- wake up [normally i will wake up when the muslims switch on the light, normally

6.45am- physical training(PT) [everyday sure will run for about 2 minutes, unless that day do
senamrobik or senam seni. i like PT because i think i won't have chance to
exercise every morning after the training finished on 14 mac.]

7.30am-breakfast[normally i will skip breakfast for i will take this period of time to take my

8.45am- class[ we attended CB class (character building), integration class and nationality class.
CB class is the best class ever!!]

10.30am- minum pagi[now only i will eat my breakfast]

11.00am- class[continue from the class at 8.45am]

12.30pm- lunch[after lunch i will wash my clothes and take my 2nd bath in the day]

2.30pm- physical activity[ this is where the part most of us dislike. panas gila.]

4.30pm- minum petang

5.30- riadah[ go to the field to play ball, jogging, gossip...]

6.30- dinner

11.00- roll call[just have to baris to lapor our strength to make sure that no people are missing]

11.30- switch off the light[ but usually before the light is switched off, i will already be in my

food- everyday chicken, fish, egg. sometimes got prawn and squid. sure will have spicy food
everyday. 2-3 servings of fruit per day. but i don't like it when they give us pear. i love the
kuih and cucur udang. yummy.

weather- damn hot. cooler at night but chilling in the midnight.

surroundings- many kinds of insects and lizards and spider. and most of all- flies are everywhere
in the camp. sick of them. but luckily, no mosquitoes.


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