Saturday, February 13, 2010

MY National Service

back from ns camp. "Kem Sri Impian''. located at sungai bakap.

back for 5 days only. must reach the camp on 16 mac, before 5pm. if not, "siap kamu"....

SO?? how was the camp??

too much to tell. each day in the camp will have a different story.

but in summary, at least until now, for me, the camp- FUN

and i think that i am so lucky to be selected to participate in this programme. [program latihan khidmat negara]

Daily Routine:

5.30am- wake up [normally i will wake up when the muslims switch on the light, normally

6.45am- physical training(PT) [everyday sure will run for about 2 minutes, unless that day do
senamrobik or senam seni. i like PT because i think i won't have chance to
exercise every morning after the training finished on 14 mac.]

7.30am-breakfast[normally i will skip breakfast for i will take this period of time to take my

8.45am- class[ we attended CB class (character building), integration class and nationality class.
CB class is the best class ever!!]

10.30am- minum pagi[now only i will eat my breakfast]

11.00am- class[continue from the class at 8.45am]

12.30pm- lunch[after lunch i will wash my clothes and take my 2nd bath in the day]

2.30pm- physical activity[ this is where the part most of us dislike. panas gila.]

4.30pm- minum petang

5.30- riadah[ go to the field to play ball, jogging, gossip...]

6.30- dinner

11.00- roll call[just have to baris to lapor our strength to make sure that no people are missing]

11.30- switch off the light[ but usually before the light is switched off, i will already be in my

food- everyday chicken, fish, egg. sometimes got prawn and squid. sure will have spicy food
everyday. 2-3 servings of fruit per day. but i don't like it when they give us pear. i love the
kuih and cucur udang. yummy.

weather- damn hot. cooler at night but chilling in the midnight.

surroundings- many kinds of insects and lizards and spider. and most of all- flies are everywhere
in the camp. sick of them. but luckily, no mosquitoes.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

going to Sg.Bakap, Penang on 4 January 2010. reason: NS training.

How do i feel about being selected for NS training:
a few months back: 0o. how lucky i am. haha. who else are selected?? not nervous at all.
2 Jan 2010: o0. really. it is going to happen. i am going!! nervous? no...
3 Jan 2010: tomorrow. hmm... a bit nervous.
4 Jan 2010: ............

Saturday, January 2, 2010


ze chuen and me

me and xin tze

me, evie and lay hwang

me and evie

su lynn, evie and lay hwang

su lynn, sara and ziling.
honestly, the gathering was a lot better than i have expected. i thought it will be a boring gathering for we didn't connect or meet each other for quite some years. but luckily, the game master did really played her role well. haha. i like the "da jiao" game. haha. but the next day i woke up, my right thigh did get some bruises on it. thanks to xin tze and xu rui. ^_^

and evie, well, she is not one of the 6m student nor the same primary school as we were but she was at there that night. ai-yin was shocked at first but in the end just embraced her with warm welcome like a good organiser should do. but, honestly, it was quite strange for her to be there. but she is harmless. so, nevermind. and she can get along quite well with the "original" 6m students. ^_^

p.s: the game makes me think of 24 seasons drum. i miss "her".

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Lucky Watch

went to qb. watched chipmunks. haha. funny. went to "breeks" for lunch. then, for tea time, went to "" to buy half dozen of donuts. first time. not bad. then went to sze's house to have our tea time. her brother and his girlfriend were at home that time. but they didn't bother about us. have our donuts. chit-chat. comment about the form 5 magazine. [more on gossiping other people] went home. but still- boring.

but lucky me, i got a brand new watch, just for rm1.20! i am not kidding. all you have to do is buy "star" newspaper that costs rm1.20, then put your hand inside a box, randomly take out a piece of card, and see what the card shows. and the card i picked, well, it shows a word that spells "W-A-T-C-H". lucky lucky lucky me!!! ^_^

Saturday, December 26, 2009


昨天,到S&J走一趟,买的并非是礼物, 而是盒子。
这个盒子将装着我这五年以来最珍惜, 最值得怀念的东西。
里头装着的有毕业刊,farewell时收到的礼物,朋友送给我的我的礼物, 纪念品等。

可是, 我觉得, 这个盒子,我许久才会碰到它了。
而是因为我不要只 活在过去,陶醉在以前那快乐的时光。

再过十年再拿出来看, 肯定会有更多的感触。


[p.s. -舍不得‘05-’09]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Perfume

Sick. but getting better. at least today can go to bj complex and qb shopping. bought a pair of shoes at bj. went to watson to buy shampoo and plaster. then, went to qb. find sze. gosh, her working place- "geb". she is being bullied by the seniors there. poor girl. like cinderella. @_@

then, went to find miyuki. on the way, bump into yee chern, elaine and if not mistaken, behind them are hooi xin and jia jia. just say hi and bye because i was finding miyuki's shop-"glow". actually, i don't really know the name of the shop she is working but then i saw "osim" and "S.H.E." then i know where "glow" is- just opposite "osim". she got tell us before.]

bought a bottle of perfume. "lover". not bad. not too strong. not too soft. just nice. shocked when miyuki first introduce me a bottle of perfume and i intended to buy it at first but after knowing the price, i think is about rm100 or more, i change my mind. bought the one below rm50.

the smell between the rm100 perfume and the rm50 perfume- same. so, as a wise consumer, for sure i will buy the one below rm50.

honestly, i never thought i will buy perfume in this age. in the future, for sure i will buy and i will buy the rm 100 and above. XD but now, well it is a bit early for me. but since i have bought it, i think i will start to use perfume in this age. thanks to miyuki. if not for her commission, i don't think i will start at this age....

Monday, December 21, 2009

english teachers

today, i wake up at 7.12a.m. so early. because my mum says the government clinic opens at 7.40a.m. but then only she told me that the doctor will only starts to see the patient at around 8 or 9. haiz... anyway, today i went to the government clinic to do my body check up. for my ns. i went there with my mother. waited for about 3 and a half hours until i had completed the procedures. trust me- don't go to the goverments' unless you are really in a desperate. you will succumb to your injuries. [saw pn.tan lee lee and her daughters. greeted her]

around 1 pm, my friend came to fetch me to qb. watched twilight.

the first comment i heard: what is the movie talking about?
second comment: tonight we come to watch it again.
third comment: .........

the third comment is mine. the first comment is my friend's comment. can't really blame her. c she is always daydreaming. the second comment is from a man sitting in front of us, telling his kids that that night he would bring them to go watch it again. well, one time experience is enough.
the "saspens" part- will bella accepts edward's sudden proposal?

saw pn.chong wai peng. bumped into two english teachers today. both had taught me before. weird.

around 7p.m., reach tesco extra. ate nyonya curry chicken rice. not bad. then went to sze's house to take something. thanks for her swimsuit. not hers actually. thanks to her friend.

8p.m, reach home sweet home.

at the end of the day, these are what inside my stomach:
  • cornflakes
  • pasteurised milk
  • char siu
  • siew bak
  • rice
  • timun
  • sushi
  • chipster
  • iced lemon tea
  • lemon juice
  • curry chicken
  • tomyam
  • sweet
anyway, i am depending on ns to reduce my weight.... 13 more days to go.....^_^