Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Perfume

Sick. but getting better. at least today can go to bj complex and qb shopping. bought a pair of shoes at bj. went to watson to buy shampoo and plaster. then, went to qb. find sze. gosh, her working place- "geb". she is being bullied by the seniors there. poor girl. like cinderella. @_@

then, went to find miyuki. on the way, bump into yee chern, elaine and if not mistaken, behind them are hooi xin and jia jia. just say hi and bye because i was finding miyuki's shop-"glow". actually, i don't really know the name of the shop she is working but then i saw "osim" and "S.H.E." then i know where "glow" is- just opposite "osim". she got tell us before.]

bought a bottle of perfume. "lover". not bad. not too strong. not too soft. just nice. shocked when miyuki first introduce me a bottle of perfume and i intended to buy it at first but after knowing the price, i think is about rm100 or more, i change my mind. bought the one below rm50.

the smell between the rm100 perfume and the rm50 perfume- same. so, as a wise consumer, for sure i will buy the one below rm50.

honestly, i never thought i will buy perfume in this age. in the future, for sure i will buy and i will buy the rm 100 and above. XD but now, well it is a bit early for me. but since i have bought it, i think i will start to use perfume in this age. thanks to miyuki. if not for her commission, i don't think i will start at this age....

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