Friday, December 18, 2009

The Nail

I have got my NS letter today. So many forms to fill in but one form is missing. So I have to phone and tell them. How “efficient” they are.

I am going to NS on 4th January 2010. That means I still have about 2 weeks more to do what I like. But my toenail is… erm.. tear off?? Just my toenail has left its flesh- halfway through it- and this is why I am feeling painful now. I wish it could leave its flesh completely, not like now, causing much suffer to me.

Luckily, I can still walk but it is rather hard. So I am worry that this suffer will not end by the day I enter the camp. Haiz…

Why would I end up in such situation? Well, it was just an accident. person to be blamed- me myself. And the swimming pool as well. My toenail is too long and the tiles of the swimming pool is too hard and when these two combine… shrggh… my nail peel off just like that. blood starts to rush out but eventually stops. Not much blood. Not even 1ml I suppose. weird huh.
- Don’t worry, I didn’t cry at all.

I should be praised actually. I am really a brave lady. And speaking of brave lady, I want to watch this movie- Mulan. ^_^

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