Monday, December 28, 2009

The Lucky Watch

went to qb. watched chipmunks. haha. funny. went to "breeks" for lunch. then, for tea time, went to "" to buy half dozen of donuts. first time. not bad. then went to sze's house to have our tea time. her brother and his girlfriend were at home that time. but they didn't bother about us. have our donuts. chit-chat. comment about the form 5 magazine. [more on gossiping other people] went home. but still- boring.

but lucky me, i got a brand new watch, just for rm1.20! i am not kidding. all you have to do is buy "star" newspaper that costs rm1.20, then put your hand inside a box, randomly take out a piece of card, and see what the card shows. and the card i picked, well, it shows a word that spells "W-A-T-C-H". lucky lucky lucky me!!! ^_^

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