Monday, December 21, 2009

english teachers

today, i wake up at 7.12a.m. so early. because my mum says the government clinic opens at 7.40a.m. but then only she told me that the doctor will only starts to see the patient at around 8 or 9. haiz... anyway, today i went to the government clinic to do my body check up. for my ns. i went there with my mother. waited for about 3 and a half hours until i had completed the procedures. trust me- don't go to the goverments' unless you are really in a desperate. you will succumb to your injuries. [saw pn.tan lee lee and her daughters. greeted her]

around 1 pm, my friend came to fetch me to qb. watched twilight.

the first comment i heard: what is the movie talking about?
second comment: tonight we come to watch it again.
third comment: .........

the third comment is mine. the first comment is my friend's comment. can't really blame her. c she is always daydreaming. the second comment is from a man sitting in front of us, telling his kids that that night he would bring them to go watch it again. well, one time experience is enough.
the "saspens" part- will bella accepts edward's sudden proposal?

saw pn.chong wai peng. bumped into two english teachers today. both had taught me before. weird.

around 7p.m., reach tesco extra. ate nyonya curry chicken rice. not bad. then went to sze's house to take something. thanks for her swimsuit. not hers actually. thanks to her friend.

8p.m, reach home sweet home.

at the end of the day, these are what inside my stomach:
  • cornflakes
  • pasteurised milk
  • char siu
  • siew bak
  • rice
  • timun
  • sushi
  • chipster
  • iced lemon tea
  • lemon juice
  • curry chicken
  • tomyam
  • sweet
anyway, i am depending on ns to reduce my weight.... 13 more days to go.....^_^

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