Friday, December 18, 2009

The Day After SPM


It was so boring today.

9.40- reach geik mun’s house to fetch her to school together with me.

10.20-reach school: settle all the “leaving school” things
My testimonial: Academic ability: Good
Attitude to study: Excellent
Motivation: Good
Perseverance: Good
Diligence: Good
Self Discipline: Good
Growth Potential: Excellent
Oral/Written Expression: Good
Courtesy: Good
Responsibilities: Good
Self Confidence: Good
Co-operation: Good
Leadership: Good
Initiative: Good
Emotional Maturity: Good
Ability to Adapt: Good
General recommendations: An Independent, Mature and
Responsible Student
Remarks: A highly-motivated student who strives to
excel in her studies.
jian min and me.


and again but this time with two beauties...

11.30- reach pizza hut (sunrise). Lee kar mun’s farewell party. Wao!! Lots of food until we can’t
finish it. I wonder who “da bao” it. Eat lagsagna for the first time. Trust me- do not try
this at Pizza Hut. Took some photos before leaving.

me, kar mun and wei ning

hooi ni, me and kar mun

hooi ni (acting cool), me and kar mun


2.00- reach komtar. Took a free rapid ride to have my hair cut at “Lee Ling Hair cut” . Cut my
hair and have my eyebrows trimmed. Finally. I have been waiting for three years to do it.

4.00- watch “Pocahontas”. Not bad. Love the soundtracks. Love the raccoon, Meeko. Love
Pocahontas’ long black hair.

7.45- went to Bukit Jambul shopping complex. Shop for my luggage. 30 minutes later, I found it.
RM99.00.[after 50% discount]

8.30- starts to pack my luggage. I am going to a genting-kl trip tomorrow morning. Early in the
morning. 5.30. A.M.! But while packing, I kept yawing. Zzzzzzz…. Exhausted. Walked for
an whole day long. Hooi ni knows why…

10.10- blogged before I went to bed.

Why I said this is a boring day? Well, I don’t see any interesting event had happened today…..

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