Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dino The Dog

His name is Dino. He is my little brother. My mum always says he is my “adik”. I met him 4 years ago. In 2004, when we bought him, he worth RM300. Now- priceless. he used to be a small black dog but now he is a fat dog. Really. Abnormally fat for his species. He belongs to the pincher family, the one Paris Hilton always carry with her [does the dog still exist?]. his abdomen should be curving upwards but his one is curving outwards. And is still expanding.

Small head, big body. This is how I describe him. For many, he is not cute at all but after living with him for 4 years long and will still be living with him until the day he XXX, he is so adorable and smart as well. He can sense his master’s mood- when you are laughing-loudly- he will come and jump over you; when you are angry, he will hide under the bed; when you are sad…. Well, he will just walk away.

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