Saturday, January 2, 2010


ze chuen and me

me and xin tze

me, evie and lay hwang

me and evie

su lynn, evie and lay hwang

su lynn, sara and ziling.
honestly, the gathering was a lot better than i have expected. i thought it will be a boring gathering for we didn't connect or meet each other for quite some years. but luckily, the game master did really played her role well. haha. i like the "da jiao" game. haha. but the next day i woke up, my right thigh did get some bruises on it. thanks to xin tze and xu rui. ^_^

and evie, well, she is not one of the 6m student nor the same primary school as we were but she was at there that night. ai-yin was shocked at first but in the end just embraced her with warm welcome like a good organiser should do. but, honestly, it was quite strange for her to be there. but she is harmless. so, nevermind. and she can get along quite well with the "original" 6m students. ^_^

p.s: the game makes me think of 24 seasons drum. i miss "her".

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